Art Imitating Life

Lately, a few of you have messaged me and asked me to share some personal info and ‘insight into the blogger behind thepocobookreader’. Whilst I still remain somewhat miserable/painfully shy reticent, I thought I would share this brilliant piece of artwork that I came across which I feel best encaspulates me and my general approach to life! Living in London, I’ve been lucky enough to visit some of the most famous and highly regarded galleries and exhibitions, and whilst I certainly appreciate the skill and beauty, for me personally there is nearly always a disconnect. As a second generation brown girl straddling cultural divides, it can be hard to find creative outlets that represent the amalgamation of influences that make us who we are (which is in part why literature from across the diaspora is so important), that is until now. Enter Hiba Khan, a 19 year old Canadian-Pakistani artist whose art work is challenging misogynistic expectations of who we ought to be and for me represents just about where I’m at. So for those of you who wanted to know a bit more about me, I think this picture sums up my general world view and for those of you who want to know more about the artist behind it, watch this space as she will be sharing a guest post with us soon 🙂 This piece is entitled ‘Not Your Bride’ and is available to purchase at

Not Your Bride