For immigrants in today’s Britain, is ‘integration’ an unachievable ideal?

Sorry I haven’t post a review for a while, but in the meantime, do check out Media Diversified for my latest offering. Reviews to follow soon! 🙂

Media Diversified

by Sabeena Akhtar 

Let’s face it, modern political discourse on migration is failing us, normalising inflammatory and dehumanising rhetoric in the quotidian. (Britain First’s recent election broadcast, anyone?) Immigrant stories are increasingly reductionist and politically expedient, measured solely on our relation to ‘Britishness’.

A few weeks ago I saw Ayisha Malik, author of Sofia Khan is Not Obliged, address this issue at the Museum of Immigration as part of the London Book Fair, when she emphasised how people of colour in the UK are either not integrated, or never integrated enough to be considered British. As a London-born Muslim woman this was particularly poignant, as ‘integration’ sometimes feels like an unachievable ideal. My Britishness used to feel as if it were a given, but nowadays I feel like it’s an identity I will always be on the peripheries of. For so many people like me, there is a palpable…

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