Im back!

Hi guys,

Sorry I’ve been AWOL of late, but (without wanting to sound like the smug, tanned git that I am ;)) I’ve been in the Middle East for the last month visiting family- one of the many benefits of having a large multicultural family 🙂 Another one of those benefits is this yummy going away meal that was cooked for me by my niece (can you tell I’ve been fasting?!) Admittedly it looked better then that when she served it, but this was my second helping!

rice and stew

Anyway, I’m back now and will hopefully get a review up for you soon, but in the meantime you can watch this funny take on colonialism! Enjoy!


    • Thanks Illora, that is very sweet of you. Ha, no it’s not biriyani (although i do loove biriyani!) It’s a Nigerian dish- rice and stew with plantain, one of my faves! My niece is half Nigerian and I practically bullied her into learning how to make this for me from her Grandmother! Next stop Jollof rice! 🙂


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